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Measuring Diversity

One of the big questions of our times is how well individuals from different ethnic groups get along together. Schools are an important place where this interaction takes place. It is a common saying that individuals' attitudes are strongly influenced by their school days. So the peer groups that children play with, talk to and work with are important factors moulding their perspectives on society. The extent of ethnic diversity in schools is an important issue of public debate. This website provides some facts to enlighten this debate.

Measuring Diversity provides information on ethnic segregation in schools in England. The results are up-to-date and comprehensive. Measuring segregation is not straightforward, so we aim to provide policy-makers and researchers with timely information to monitor and understand this complex issue. The statistics on this website have been calculated at the Centre for Market and Public Organisation (CMPO), an independent research centre at the University of Bristol, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council.

We provide links to organisations formulating policies to promote diversity and social cohesion. In time, we hope to build a collection of research papers for users to access.

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